About Us

Our Mission:

Kids In Seats is a non-profit organization that promotes achievement in disadvantaged youth by using event experiences as motivational tools to recognize and reward their academic achievement and positive social behavior.

Our Reach:

To achieve the broadest impact possible, we work directly with social service agencies and schools supporting hundreds of thousands of families nationwide. We play a vital supporting role in their efforts by sourcing tens of thousands of premier event experiences each year and allocating them – free of charge – so they can be used as positive reinforcement tools with deserving kids. As these organizations report sharp decreases in funding for their supplemental programs or worse, the removal of these funds entirely from the budget, the value we add to the mission of these agencies and schools becomes more critical each year.

Our Donors:

We solicit and receive these event experiences from a generous donor network that includes individuals, corporations, season ticket holders, suite owners, teams, venues and leagues. Using an online process, we then work with the agencies and schools to ensure the experiences are appropriately allocated to deserving children.

Our Impact:

Children supported by these agencies and schools earn experiences by reaching goals they set with the mentor or teacher that knows them best. The reward may be recognition for improved academic performance, changed social behavior or community work. The feeling of being rewarded for a behavior modification or a tough goal reached also incentivizes them to set greater goals for themselves. Over time, their repetitive positive behavior helps to develop useful character habits and increases their discipline, determination and perseverance.

Over the past 11 years, the staff of Kids In Seats has incentivized more than 170,000 local youth with event tickets valued at more than $10 million.

Our efforts to solicit and match event experiences with social service agencies and schools as incentives for their youth population is a simple mission – with amazing results.