Jalen and Jamair, have reached many goals that before the Kids in Seats Program, they would not have even attempted to obtain.  One being Reading for Rewards Program, which is reading two books to receive two baseball tickets to their first baseball game ever! The boys were so elated with the experience, they told their Mom, "We liked our books, can we find a library and go to more games".  Thank you, for helping our kids become passionate in something they now like to do!

                                                                             Clair Lane, The Children's Foundation





Samuel recently attended his first Carolina Panthers Gam. BigBrother Michael advised us, "Samuel had a hard time making it to school on time and not acting up in class, given his home life situation. After making a schedule for the family, and setting a goal to be on time and behaving for his teacher, Samuel was rewarded with the tickets to the Panthers Game".

          Michael Griffis, Big Brothers/Big Sisters.