Non-Profit Organization

Kids In Seats  is a non-profit organization that works with venues nationwide to positively impact the lives of children who are disadvantaged socially, educationally, and culturally.

Our Mission

To provide deserving youth with memorable and unique experiences. We continually acknowledge those children that display exceptional behavior despite their less than desirable situations .

Our Goal

Our goal is to use sports and entertainment network events to provide underprivileged children exposure to life-changing experiences. The organization takes pride in its commitment to change lives by providing more than 3,700 events and programs each year.

About Our Organization

Kids In Seats works with over 100 partner organizations to reach children in the community-based organization. At-risk children face struggles every single day. These struggles include homelessness, poverty, and food deprivation.

Our organization provides private, corporate and institutional donors a tax-deductible outlet for their unused tickets while following a social responsibility model.